Field Trip Observation

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My observation paper is going to be about my trip to Kansas City Sporting. On my way there I was thinking on how I should speak more and not be shy to talk to people. So on the first day of tryouts everyone there was very friendly I met every single coach and every single player that plays for that team. At first I though everyone was going to be rude and not even speak to me but it turned out the opposite. When I got on the field I was expecting for everyone to be friendly on the field as they were off the field. But instead I didn’t even get to touch the ball and when I did them would always give me bad passes so I couldn’t even control it right. In my mind I was like what am I doing here. There was no way I’m going to make the team if no…show more content…
It was frozen basically. Everyone was in a great mood. Players, coaches, trainers, etc. everyone just with a smile on there face. I went onto the field was it was just a small light practice. I was expecting something hard because we didn’t do so well on Thursday but it was just a light practice. Then the coach came up to me with just a huge smile and said “Ricky I like the way you and the guys get along with each other. Also you have showed me that you’re ready to make then next step.” It was the most amazing day of my life. So he said “tomorrow all games have been cancelled because of snow but I would love for you to come back and play with us.” so I said I would love to come back and play with the team coach thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. After I finished talking to him everyone came up to me and said “see you in a few months Ricky, Don’t party too much in college.” They all just seemed like they really wanted me there. So from the moment I got there everyone had a great and happy mood. Nobody though they were better than the other and they all treat each other with respect. So I really enjoyed being around the whole team for a week and get to observe them and the way they
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