Caribbean Field Trip

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I am pretty sure are whole class is so excited to go on this field trip today. We are going on a cruise to the Caribbean. Are class did an amazing thing to go on this trip. St. Judes Children Hospital asked are school to raise money in order to help their research and save many kids lives. The class that raised the most money got to have the chance to go on a cruise. We raised over $5,000 dollars that was the most the school raised this year. We are leaving on a Charter bus and going to Florida just to board the ship. It was a pretty crazy ride down, but know the real fun starts. Everybody is on the ship my best friends and I go to find the room we will be staying in it is pretty amazing. We had a lot of fun the first three days we got to play in the water, eat, and just have a lot of fun. But then the unthinkable happens the ship starts to SINK in to the water! Carly, Dru, and I stay together and think of a plan all the…show more content…
We think if they are already working on it there must be a way for us to make it faster so it take us two whole weeks to come up with a game plan and then we start building. The thing is I can not tell you how to make it because who knows maybe once we graduate college we begin to mass produce it. After the machine is done we find a coconut and we draw a face on it and try to teleport it, it goes somewhere lets just hope it gets all the way to America. So we pick who is going to be the brave one and Carly is what a surprise we type in where we want her to go and off she goes. I try next but I get stuck inside of it along with Carly. Next Dru goes, but when she goes we all start flying and make it out thank goodness we made it home. But the good thing about time travel it that we go back to the classroom an hour before we left and everybody never goes on the cruise and everybody is
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