Field Work Reflective Essay

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Majority of the FAF conversation was about fieldwork since that is what has posed the most difficulty for me. I live in Los Angeles, California and the competition is very competitive especially with brick and mortar schools. I have sent my portfolio out to over a dozen locations and most of them had said they are already full and won’t have openings until next year. I was fortunate that I have one community mental health organization contact me and hire me no the spot. I have already been volunteering to get to know the programs they offer. I will be dealing with domestic violence and trauma families and children. I am excited to this new chapter and new beginning to starting putting what I learned into action and learn even more. My site supervisor is a well established LMFT with supervision certifications for over 10 years. He allows his trainees and interns to practice the style they want to explore. It is refreshing to know that I have the flexibility. I have already been asked to start a support group as well, which I am grateful that I have had this class that I can believe to implement what I have learned.
Goals and Student Learning Outcomes My goals that I established at the time was to stay in contact with my academic advisor, continue at the time to reach out to field
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He had just pointed out that I need to make sure that I force myself to practice self care. He is extremely proud of my development and the fact I have always been on top of making sure I know what my academic plan is and following it. He feels I will have no problem succeeding in the last year of school. He reassured me that track 2 is a learning experience and it is okay if I mess up and don’t do everything perfect, so not to stress over it. He was confident that I knew what I had to do and was being proactive in my
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