Fieldwork Observation Reflection

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Fieldwork Observation Reflection The fieldwork observation was the most difficult part of this course. I first attempted to observe Target for a team lead position, but their human resources department denied my request. Then I called two branches of my own company, Securitas, left messages with two different receptionists to have human resources call me, and waited for their return call. Not surprisingly, my company did not return my call. I then reached out to Caroll Hodgson at Rowan Cabarrus Community College who promptly emailed me back. After a few email exchanges with Ms. Hodgson, and receiving approval from Professor Bethany Van Vleet, I secured my fieldwork observation. Ms. Hodgson also supervised my fieldwork observations. The entire experience took place on three days: Tuesday, January 24, 2017; Friday, January 27, 2017; and Tuesday January 31, 2017. On the 24th, we discussed the state of community college teaching in North Carolina. Adjunct instructors, it seems, are paid very little while full time faculty…show more content…
We also discussed the possibility that I may complete the 40-hour fieldwork experience at Rowan Cabarrus Community College. I explained that I might choose to do the paper option instead. Ms. Hodgson indicated that the option was available and approved if I wanted to do the 40-hour fieldwork experience under her supervision. Unfortunately, I do not think I will accept her offer and will instead choose the paper option. Finally, she agreed to sign the fieldwork verification document. The entire meeting lasted approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Regardless of my choice to go with the paper option, the fieldwork observation was a success. It helped reacquaint me with the on-campus environment and relieved some of my anxiety about the possibility of teaching in a classroom. The students were well behaved and respectful of each other, the instructor, and me. The experience as a whole was
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