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My fieldwork setting is Missouri Delta Medical Center Acute Care inpatient Rehab. My fieldwork educator collaborates with three other disciplines regularly. She often co-treats with physical therapy and speech therapy specialists. In addition, she discusses medications and other treatments with nursing and occasionally with the attending doctor. In co-treating with the physical therapist, there is usually an extensive discussion on the needs of the patient in terms of their medical condition and physical stamina. Most of these patients are post-operative and often are have limited capabilities, so there must be careful consideration of what the treatments should consist of in order not to overwhelm and tire the patient. In these co-treating…show more content…
With the speech therapist there is usually a discussion of cognition, attention, and focus issues to make sure that the patient does not become out of touch due to a prolonged stay in the hospital. This condition, known as Hospital Induced Delirium, can have detrimental effects on the health and wellbeing of patients. I was surprised to find out that this often results in an increase in long term care admissions. The speech therapist and the occupational therapist collaborate to make sure that the patient has activities that are challenging both physically and mentally in order to ward off this condition. Hospital induced delirium can increase morbidity and even mortality over time. When the fieldwork educator has her discussions with the nurses attending a particular patient, the conversation usually revolves around what medications are taking and a brief discussion of side effects. In addition, since pain medication is often involved,There is usually a reaffirmation of exactly what kinds of side effects are possible with a particular painkiller. There 's usually a discussion of the patient’s toileting abilities, appetite, hydration levels, and any other conditions a patient might have that could affect the delivery of

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