Fifteen Million Merits In Black Mirror

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Fifteen Million Merits “Anyone who has no need of anybody but himself is either beast or God”, with this quote of Aristotle the Greek philosopher, I would like to start my analyses and thoughts about the “fifteen millions merits” which is a second episode of the series of Black Mirror. Charlie Brooker and his wife Konnie Hua wrote it, and the actors were Daniel Kaluuy and Jessica Brown. It was aired in December 2011. I think the writers of this movie Charlie and his wife Konnie explained their concern about the corruption, collapse and their pessimism and cynicism of the society. It is a protest of all wretched and desperate people around the world for unfair and unjust now and throughout the ages. Bing and Abi the protagonist Characters are introduced to each other when they were in the toilet and Bing heard Abi's singing. Both of them have goals and dream, strive for a better life, she tried to be a singer and he thought he could choose a pure partner for his life in this complicated world. He tried to support and motivate her by buying a ticket from his dead brother merits “money” in order to participate in one programed game. The scientific fanciful game, which gives people a chance to escape from the bitter reality of human slavery. After she…show more content…
That view reminded me by my Dad’s words, when he was talking to me in our living room, which was with a big glass wall oversees a beautiful garden. He was asking constantly about his thoughts and concerns on eternal questions that they are without any answer, like, why we are here? From where we come? Where do we go after this life? In addition, the movie interfaces me a tragic reality and persecution of the human being around the world, and especially in the Middle East and their historical
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