Reflection On Observation Of School Bell Work

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The first day I observed the entire fifth grade had a short day so their classes were on a time crunch. As the students came into the class, the teacher stood beside the door and welcomed every students with a smile. Beside the door was a small table that held the bell work papers and bell work turn in basket. As students came through the door they automatically picked up their bell work paper for the day. After grabbing their bell work, students placed their materials for the class on their desks and then proceeded to take their backpacks to the hall to hang up. Then the students came back in, sat at their desks, and quietly worked on their bell work. Once the students finished their bell work they went to the netbook cart and grabbed their netbook. The teacher explained to me that…show more content…
Ms. Caudle uses an elbow to display the bell work. They work through the bell work as a class. Ms. Caudle calls on students to answer the questions and if the students miss a question they mark it wrong. Once done grading their bell work they took it to the bell work basket to turn in and then the teacher instructed them to get out their materials for their Civil War play. Ms. Caudle informed me that the students had been studying the Civil War and this is why they are doing this project. The students were grouped into five or six students and they were instructed to take their Civil War article and transform it into a scene from a play. The students worked in there groups for ten minutes or so and they worked out what they were going to do. Once that time was up the groups performed their plays for each other. I enjoyed watching their plays because it really showed their imagination and how they interpreted their articles. This process happened three times with the three different classes of the fifth grade. The next time I went to observe the students were working on research

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