Malon Brando Character Analysis

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As mentioned before, the fifth house represents merits from past life and credit, as well as the ability and talent to play, and relationships with children. We see that very clearly in the chart of Marlon Brando, one of the most successful and talented actors of the twentieth century. The Sun and Moon are in Pisces, a mystic sign which represents infinite expansion. The Sun rules our ego and the way that we come across, and the Moon rules the mind. In the oceanic sign of Pisces, the personality is extremely flexible and can do just about anything. The first house has Jupiter in Scorpio, and from that position it blesses the other houses of Dharma, including the fifth. This makes this flexible personality very successful, popular and talented.…show more content…
Not too much is said about his religious life, however, it is known that he made changes in movies to portray idealistic characters even when the author of the novel was very much against it. For example, in the movie The Young Lions, he portrays a German officer who, in the original novel, was hard, cruel and careless. Brando insisted on portraying him as a thoughtful man who, in his own manner of resistance, was appalled with the transformation of his country under the Nazi regime. In the end, the character committed suicide out of disgust. This is very different from the character in the novel, who was portrayed as cynical and careless. These changes received severe criticism from the author of the source book, but Brando wouldn’t have it any other way, as he was a pacifist movement leader in real…show more content…
This is obvious in the movies he directed: Invictus, about the magnificent leadership of Mandela; The Hereafter, about life after death; The Million Dollar Baby, about the dreams of a neglected girl. It is also apparent in the Westerns and even the crime thrillers, where the spirit shines and you can see the hero’s bright eyes proclaiming righteousness even in the darkest of environments. In addition to winning several academy awards in the United States, Eastwood is also recognized overseas. He has received considerable critical praise in France, including for several films which were not well received in the United States, and he has been awarded two of France’s highest
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