Fifth Symphony: A Soviet Artist's Reply

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I enjoyed reading your literature review and I can see you have obviously put a lot of work into this. My goal is to provide you effective feedback about concerns/suggestions I have as a reader. Although I will provide critical feedback, the objective is to give you ways to rethink for draft 1.2

You start the introduction with an engaging attention-getter that states “Political music has been prevalent in society since the 1800s, beginning with slave hymnals”; this statement shows the significance/importance of the research issue. After that you even introduce a broad view about the research topic by stating “According to recent publications…”. However, one important element that was left out is the thesis statement. But why is it relevant? Because, first, it represents the main trend or theme that you have identified in the research articles, second, it creates a focus on a lit. review main idea and third, it helps the reader to understand the main idea of the essay. So,
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As an example you second paragraph; it starts ““Shostakovich 's Fifth Symphony: A Soviet Artist 's Reply...?” was written by J. Daniel Huband in June of 1990. The article first explains that for a piece…” and ends “The author explains in depth the importance of the musical markings of a piece, and how well they portray the composer’s message and feelings.”. Do not forget that a literature is not a paper in which you analyze a work but a paper that a paper compiles the research that has been published on the topic by scholars and shows trends between articles. I suggest you a different organization. Add topic sentences to your paragraphs, which a usually the first sentence in the paragraph, as the one I suggested above. It will help readers understand the main point of the entire paragraph. After the topic sentences, you can show how the sources are connected under the topic sentence, and instead of summarizing the sources, synthesize
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