Fifth Wheel Hitch Research Paper

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Taking your fifth wheel on a camping trip around the country is a great way to explore parks, cultures and amazing wildlife. It should be easy to head out with your trailer in tow, and a B&W Patriot 18K 5th Wheel Hitch makes it very easy to do. This fifth wheel hitch is designed as one-piece, which gives you a higher towing rating and is easy to install. The hitch fits on all Standard Mounting Rails and is 31.5-inches wide and 24-inches deep. In order to make parking your trailer easy, the head fully articulates in order to give you a side-to-side and front to back pivot. The side-to-side pivot has spring cushioning, and there is no metal-to-metal contact because it is manufactured with polyurethane bushings. You do not have to worry about

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