Fifty Shades Freed Book Report

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The book I have read is Fifty Shades Freed (2011) by E. L. James. Fifty shades is a erotisk trilogy with 3 books (fifty shades of grey, fifty shades darker and fifty shades freed). The author didn’t plan for a any books when she started wrote chapters on the internet but people really seem to like it and they wanted more. Then Mrs. James started of writing the whole trilogy. They have also made movies out from all the books.

Fifty shades of freed is the last book in the serie. The book before (fifty shades darker) ends with Christian asks Anastasia Steele to marry him. She says “yes”. And then the third book starts of with their wedding. Both of them are really happy about being together and after the wedding they get of to a Honeymoon. When they returned back Christian informs Ana to run the SIP business.

Christian shall go away for a bussniestrip and he wants Ana to go with him because he wants to protect her from all the dangerous things out their. But Anastasia is bullish and she says that she must stay home for work. Christian goes away and after Ana finish work decides she to go out for some drinks with her best friend Kate. However, Jack is their and tries to kidnap her. But Christian’s security team is their to look after her and they take care of Jack.
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They are two completely different characters from each other. Christian is Ana’s husband. He likes to have control on all things especially Anastasia. He had a terrible childhood and that led him to become damaged. He likes to keep things private and finds it difficult to open up to Ana. Anastasia is the main protagonist in the story. She is a shy person and think it’s difficult to be socially. She likes sitting with a book between her hands and read all day long. In the book it appears that Ana is very smart and loyal. She get Christian from a close person to a open person. Ana gets him to speak about his
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