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As stated by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a film is R-Rated when it includes frequent strong language and violence, nudity for sexual purposes and drug abuse. The MPAA is an organization in the United States. It rates the suitability of films and carries on a nationwide program for public relations for the film industry. It also aids studios in international distribution and advises them on matters of the tax system (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, n.d.). Examples. R-Rated films include The Revenant, 22 Jump Street, Logan, American Sniper and Deadpool (IMDb-Editors, 2017). Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker, to which this research revolves around, are also R-Rated films.
Introduction to the
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Fifty Shades of Grey. According to The Numbers (n.d.), the first installment grossed a total of about $571 million in North America and the other fifty-nine territories. The budget was $40 million.
Fifty Shades of Grey became Universal's highest grossing R-rated international release (Lang, 2015) with the twelfth biggest worldwide box office champion. It also became the sixth R-rated film ever in history to cross the half-billion-dollar mark (Mendelson, 2015).
Fifty Shades Darker. Fifty Shades Darker dominated both the international and worldwide box office within its first two weeks (Tartaglione, N.). And according to Box Office Mojo (n.d.), it has grossed a total of about $381 million. The $114.6 million came from domestic sales and the other $266.5 million from foreign sales.
Reviews. The Fifty Shades franchise is undeniably a worldwide phenomenon with its record-breaking movie sales. However, the movie reviews dull in comparison to the
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Oxytocin makes us crave contact with people we value. Dopamine, on the other hand, makes us giddy, energetic and euphoric. According to Marsh (2014), there is a possibility that people who make us feel romantic feelings increase oxytocin levels. Consequently, dopamine levels also increase. Marsh is an associate professor of psychology at Georgetown University. Dardashti (2015) proposes, romantic books and movies, including Fifty Shades, trigger the same occurrences. It features Christian Grey. Jamie Dornan is the 35-year-old Irish actor, model, and musician cast to be the male protagonist, Christian Grey. Christian Grey flaunts his Greek god looks and chiseled body in tailored suits. He is an eye-candy. Add his suave behavior and thoughtfulness; he is a package deal. Dardashti (2015) offers that it is an alluring concept because of how rare a man Grey is. You don't usually find a sensitive but still masculine man like that.
It is incredibly well-timed. Originally, Universal Pictures was going to release the "Fifty Shades" movie in October 2014. However, it ended up on Valentine's Day and Presidents Day combo weekend, usually a time reserved for family-friendly romantic comedies (Baer, 2015). February 2017 was the release of Fifty Shades Darker. February 2018 is the scheduled release of Fifty Shades

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