Fifty Shades Of Grey Analysis

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Fifty Shades of Grey written by E.L. James is an erotic romance story between timid college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and handsome entrepreneur, Christian Grey. The two meet during an uptight interview with the CEO of Grey Enterprises where Christian starts to make Anastasia feel intimidated by his intelligence and appearance. Later, the two characters seem to find themselves spending more and more time together and begin developing a strange connection that Ana cannot quite put her finger on. Christian is the type of man that desires no relationship labels besides dominant and submissive, leading to a taboo love affair between Ana and Christian. Anastasia gets wrapped up in the excitement and forgets to mention that she is still pure when it comes to being with a man, but Grey quickly changes that. In order to…show more content…
Well, yes… but also no. It is clearly shown that the dominance over Anastasia is established, but Christian himself was the property of a much older woman for many years at an extremely juvenile age. Lets take a look at the differences between Christian’s relations with Ana and his relations with the female dominant. Christian was taught how to obey and preform sexual acts by a woman; just when the audience thinks the BDSM relationship between a dominant man and a submissive woman is taboo, the author trades the role by giving a woman the power of controlling a man. This triggers the reader’s mind to believe that a woman being dominant over a 15 year old boy is worse than the sexual acts between a dominant man and submissive woman. Somehow, this makes Christian and Ana look like they are just normal people by adding in something worse. This is similar to when the author put the submissive’s health and safety first under the dominance expectations clause. These are just a few gender elements that are in Fifty Shades of Grey that are controversial with our
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