Fifty Shades Of Grey

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The movie ‘Fifty Shade of Grey’ opened february 2015 on the Valantine’s day, and more than $300 million worth of tickets were sold world wide. That is more than seven times the amount it cost to make the film. . Fifty Shades of Grey tells the story of Ana, a literature student, who offered help to her roomate when she was sick and went instead of her to Christian, a successful business man to make an interview with him. The story starts from here they both loved each other and started a sexual relationship that becomes increasingly abusive. Firstly this movie was even not allowed to be premiered in the arab states due to ethical provisions, but when the film version of the novel was premiered in theaters allover the world, it has caused debate…show more content…
From the get-go, Ana is dragged into Christian’s fantasies hemming and hawing. After bringing her into his world and they started their relationship, he attempts to let her sign a contract, a formalized, annotated agreement to be his submissive. Without wholly ceding her free will, Ana consents to rope bondage, a brisk spanking, and a few floggings, giving at least the appearance of pleasure while doing so. However, when the movie ends—very abruptly, it should be said, drawing a collective gasp from the preview audience—she remains as perplexed as ever by the idea that inflicting and receiving pain could be any part of a loving relationship. For his part, Christian is a crummy mentor, unwilling or unable to cultivate an appreciation of new pleasures in his partner, and unreflective about what he calls his “singular” tastes, usually breaking off any discussion of the matter at “That’s just how I am.” While Christian reveals that he was himself initiated into BDSM by his mother’s companion at the young age of fifteen, having started from the bottom, as it were, acting as her submissive for six years before taking up the riding crop on his own, the experience seems to have left him with very little relatable insight into what Ana must be going
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