Figaro Coffee Case Study

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Level 10: Strategic Fit Vision Statement The company sees itself being remembered as a committed advocate of corporate Social Responsibility by helping farmers live a better life. Mission Statement The Figaro Coffee Company will practice good governance and continue strengthening its pursuit of actively participating in activities regarding socio-cultural and environmental concern. Consistency of the Mission and Vision Statement The Vision of Figaro Coffee Company is very developmental and enriching; it promotes local agriculture and it is an advocate to local coffee farmers unlike most of the coffee companies in the country. Hence, the success of the Figaro is also the success of the agricultural coffee industry in our country.…show more content…
. Attract qualified applicants, by motivating the existing workforce and inspiring long- 
term commitment with realistic factors for attaining goals regarding turnover and 
retention within the span of 2 years. Create a work environment where employees are enthusiastic about their jobs all 
the time - not just when annual bonuses are due - is a top priority in a year. Consistency of HR Objectives Figaro maintains different meetings and factors that would help the company achieve its long term commitments and be able to attend to its goals. It also helps employees by doing a rotation in the workplace and giving chances for employees to train, grow, and develop.The HR department also ensures to get employees that are right fit for the job and it’s qualifications. Operations The company must own roasting facilities in the next 3 months, for it not to employ 
the facilities to the sister company, Boyd’s Coffee…show more content…
Become one of the top three brands in our industry named among consumers in 2 years time. Consistency of Marketing Objectives Figaro has expanded and been known throughout the years as one of the pioneers of coffee shops here in the Philippines and around the world. It has expanded to provinces and throughout Asia. It has also exceeded the cost of it’s marketing and attain it’s branding and loyalty of it’s customers. Strategies of Figaro Coffee Company BUSINESS STRATEGIES Business Strategies of Figaro • Aside from the superior-tasting coffee that a customer can enjoy in the Figaro Cafes, the company also offers a host of freshly roasted beans on retail. Among the selection is Barako and from the time it was introduced in 1999, Figaro Barako has become a bestseller. The ‘Save the Barako’ cause has somehow given the coffee added value as portion of the bean sales is channeled back to into a project to promote the revival of the Barako. The project encompasses awareness programmes, new plantings, research, and targeted marketing, and is coordinated with the Figaro Coffee Foundation. The ‘Save the Barako’ campaign is its showpiece effort, and has earned the company a reputation as a company that cares for the coffee

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