Pros And Cons Of Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is defined as” the act where people are illegally transported from one country or area to another, basically for purposes of forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation”. Human trafficking is a serious crime and violation to human rights. Each year, thousands of people; men, women and children, fall into the hands of traffickers from within their own countries and abroad. This problem is widespread across nations irrespective of race. Many countries undergo this tragedy, and each country tackles the problem in different ways.

The UN Global Report on Trafficking in Persons states that the organized crime is majorly carried out by males who make up 90% of prisons population of countries. Human trafficking is supported by various causes preying on vulnerable situations that people are undergoing.
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Organisations are being and have been set to aid in the fight against human trafficking such as the International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators which provides human trafficking training to law enforcement officers and prosecutors in order for them to have the skill of identifying victims, charge traffickers and successfully prosecute human trafficking cases. By recognizing the core problem and setting up programmes such as girl child education and awareness campaigns in countries against trafficking, communities are made aware of what to look for .Not leaving the issue in the shadows helps eliminate the threat since more people are informed about the complexity of the crime, especially girls, making them less vulnerable to traffickers. The majority of the trafficked victims are below the age of 18. Empowering them with this knowledge enables them to realize the potential of eliminating the international
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