Fight Against Terrorism Essay

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It is ethically the most significant matter to fight against the terrorism, restricting them from aiming and targeting the innocent people in killing them and also imprisoning those people who has no relation with the terrorist acts. One should initiate operations like antiterrorist that could risk the lives of innocent people from being the victim of the terrorist act. Bauhn has a notion that such antiterrorist act would be morally justified under the principle of “double effect” that states “an unintended but foreseen morally bad effect of an action can be excused if both the action and the intended effect are morally permissible”. Walzer on the other hand has a view that the double effect should be changed and corrected a bit so that the…show more content…
Although terrorism terrors due to various purposes, yet many believe it is caused from the root of their tradition and religion. Consequently, it turned out be social and political purposes as well in the modern times. Traditional warfare doesn’t involve such complex nature of a wide range of players as a mainly international state becomes lone player. However, with emergence of terrorism and their growing terror activisms become major concern for the state and it was for the first time it was clash between state and non-state actors. Notably Osama Bin Ladin led terrorism attacked on the mighty United States of America becomes an alert and warning to the whole world. Since then, the image of terrorism and their status tend to grow in negative context of threat to every institution. From the ISIS which is a Islamic State of Iraq and Syria quested for the violent ideology that claims the religious authority over all Muslims and to the recent Uri attack from Pakistan into India, the terrorism has always made everyone to be in a state of terror and fear which is not at all just unlike the war
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