Just War Theory: An Ethical Analysis

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It is ethically the most significant matter to fight against the terrorism, restricting them from aiming and targeting the innocent people in killing them and also imprisoning those people who has no relation with the terrorist acts. One should initiate operations like antiterrorist that could risk the lives of innocent people from being the victim of the terrorist act. Bauhn has a notion that such antiterrorist act would be morally justified under the principle of “double effect” that states “an unintended but foreseen morally bad effect of an action can be excused if both the action and the intended effect are morally permissible”. Walzer on the other hand has a view that the double effect should be changed and corrected a bit so that the…show more content…
Jus In bello carries the permissible morality to combats how to act in war with plausible morality in the heat of battle. Therefore, we still…show more content…
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