Fight Between Siblings Research

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What kind of teaching does fighting between siblings provide?

“They are our collaborators and co-conspirator, our role models and cautionary tales” (38). They teach us how conflicts can begin but also resolved. The article explains how children practiced conflict with siblings and practice best conflict resolving skills at home, later bring it into the classroom. The style of play that children partake in is what shapes their background knowledge of daily negotiating.

Summarize what previous research has found about birth order of siblings.

It was believed that the order typically tends to determine the types of personalities displayed. The first born tends to strive and overachieve, the middle born often is the lost soul and the youngest
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A recent study was done at the University of California which stated that older females that get pregnant at a young age are likely to see the younger female to follow in their footsteps. This also follows with substance abuse and smoking.

How does de-identification work for opposite sex siblings?

Females tend to be more sensitive while males tend to be more independent and competitive. The de-identification can work for opposite sex siblings because they are more likely to accentuate these skills, and also those born close in age are more likely to de-identify themselves. As stated previously, those with opposite sex siblings are more likely to have natural relationships with the opposite sex.

DO all types of siblings (step sibs, half sibs) have the same powerful learning relationships as biological sibs? Explain.

Typically the relationships between half siblings and stepsiblings differ because of physical relatedness. Those that are physically related are more likely to get into physical conflicts than those that are a part of a blended family. This does not exclude the possibility of blended families having close step
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