Fight Club 2 Themes

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Fight Club 2, which is sometimes referred to as Fight Club 2: The Tranquility Gambit is a comic novel by Chuck Palahniuk. The novels series is a sequel to Fight Club that he wrote in 1996. The first novel in the Fight Club 2 series was Fight Club 2 #1 that was first published in 2015. The Fight Club series features Tyler Durden, a man who lives in the subconscious of the narrator of the original protagonist Sebastian, ten years after the events of the first series. Sebastian, who had fallen back into his mundane existence with his lover Marla, is suddenly reawakened by the reappearance of the chaotic Tyler. The idea of writing Fight Club 2 as a comic was suggested by fellow writers Brian Michael and Chelsea Cain The first novel in the series Fight Club 2 #1 opens to a Sebastian married to Marla Singer for well over a decade. He has stopped taking his pills and is instead substituting them with aspirin and sugar to keep his inner chaotic man suppressed. Marla now finds him boring and longs for the chaotic man she married to reappear and bring…show more content…
When the burnt out wreckage of Sebastian and Marla’s home is cleared out the body found therein is identified as that of Project Mayhem’s newest recruit. The man had promised to forfeit his life to Tyler if he ever was not in the top five percent of his class, and in turn Tyler paid his college tuition. Moreover, Tyler has been secretly paying Sebastian psychiatrist who has been letting him lose for an hour on alternate days of the week for the past decade until he was fully liberated by the wily Marla. A decade was enough for Tyler to form his Rize or Die group that he transformed into a terrifying fight club that spread terror across the globe. In the meantime, a deep secret of how Sebastian financed his college education becomes known, making Sebastian suspect that Tyler may have played a role in his life long before he was an
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