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Film Analysis 1: Fight Club (2001)
Plot Summary- Fight Club is about man whose name is unknown that works at a car insurance company. The narrator leads a consumerist lifestyle; decorating his bachelor pad with unnecessary furniture and having a fridge full of condiments but no real food within. He suffers from chronic insomnia, and expresses very low enthusiasm in his job due to his lack of sleep condition. It all began when he went to a prostate cancer patients support group where he met cancer survivors who would let him lose himself emotionally during the talk. Then afterwards, he began visiting various cancer support groups, cry his heart out without saying a word and he would be able to sleep like a baby. After a few sessions, he started
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He would wake up in a hotel room, on an airplane, carrying a luggage, and getting used to the idea of a ‘single-serving-life’ when he met a charismatic man named Tyler Durdan who made soaps for a living on an airplane. Tyler gave the narrator his business card, and acknowledged him for being intelligent. That night, the narrator comes back home to find out that his apartment had been blown apart due to a gas leakage. Without any intentions, he dialed Tyler Durdan’s number to grab a drink and have a conversation. They began to fight to let out emotional frustration as physical pain. Soon, people everywhere began joining the fights, and the ‘Fight Club’ was established. The narrator moved in with Tyler Durdan, Marla Singer became sexually active and continued being involved with Tyler Durdan after Tyler had saved Marla from a suicide attempt (overdosage of Xanax). The narrator finds himself frustrated at why Marla is around, and when Marla wanted to touch him, he would deny mutual…show more content…
He also said ‘people really listened instead of waiting for their turn to speak’ when he was explaining why he went to group therapies, which indicates that he was lacking attention, love and care. He also seems uninvolved in any intimate relationships. Additionally, the work stress is one the causes since he seems to loathe his boss with a passion and also the insurance system that rips off of accident victims.
Treatments- There really is no terminal treatment for a personality disorder such as DID, however anxiety medications may assist in controlling certain emotional stages. Also, sleeping pills or possibly meditation, and hypnosis may help with the insomnia conditions he suffers from. CBT and group therapy would be ideal for patients with DID, as they will allow some understanding as to why the alter egos have been created, and how to accept them as one

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