Fight Club Movie Vs Book Essay

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The book I chose for my novel to film assignment is the book “Fight Club”. Fight club was written by the author Chuck Palahniuk and was published on August 17, 1996. The movie that goes with this book is also called Fight Club. The movie was released on September 21, 1999 and was directed by David Fincher. Two main characters of this movie are Tyler Durden and Marla Singer. The movie and the book had some differences between each other and it had a major change in the ending. The parts they changed were better in the movie. A man living with insomnia meets a soap maker named Tyler Durden. They are fed up with their lives and invent something to deal with their problems. They invent an underground fighting club called fight club. There are…show more content…
In the book the plan was to blow up the Parker Morris building so that it would collapse onto a museum. The narrator stands in the building that is going to explode. He tries to save himself from Tyler by shooting himself in the head. The building never blows up as the bomb fails to explode. After the narrator shoots himself he wakes up in the hospital and he refers to it has “heaven”. The narrator thinks he is free of Tyler and the space monkeys. He then finds out he is not free when one of the space monkeys say to him, “Everything’s going according to the plan. We look forward to getting you back.” This quote shows that the narrator is not freed from Tyler. In the movie, the plan was to explode several buildings that are credit card headquarters. He wants to explode this buildings to get rid of the debt record. The narrator also stands in a building that does not have bombs in it. He plans to watch the buildings collapse from a good view. When the narrator realizes that Tyler is himself he tries to free himself by shooting himself. He shoots himself in the cheek and Tyler disappears. Right after he shoots himself Marla is dragged into the building and the narrator tells Marla that he wants her. He says he has finally figured things out. The narrator and Marla hug as the buildings around them explode and
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