Fight Club Research Paper

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Education is a necessary tool that you carry throughout your life. School is the first place to provide you with that, after your parents. School is an integral part of shaping who you are and giving you the exact tools you need to succeed and I believe joining clubs is an extension of learning and it is a great way of having fun. I love to be an active part of the school community. It is a great way of giving back to the place that has given me so much. In the past, I joined many clubs. I have joined clubs such as the Me to We club, Social Justice club, Student Council, Band, and the Diversity club. I was a part of the Me to We club and the Social Justice Club. The Me to We club and the Social justice club had similar views and were very similar in what we…show more content…
I also joined the school band every year. We played winter concerts, spring concerts and also got a chance to perform at the Canada 's Wonderland Theatre and the Living Arts Centre. Last but not least, I joined the Diversity Club. In this team, we held many events that represented how diverse our school. We held events such as Asian Heritage Month and Black History Month. Throughout these clubs, my team and I held many different events where I gathered a lot of valuable lessons. The Me to We club and I had held a fundraiser at our school to sell Rafikis and all the proceeds went to the We organization. The social justice club and I held many assemblies where I got a chance to speak in front of the whole school on things I was passionate about such as getting aboriginals the right of proper education and the "We Are Silent" movement. I will bring my past experiences of holding assemblies, fund raisers, festivals and such other things to raise awareness to John Fraser and help out in any which way I can. I will use my time before and after school and at lunch to meet with my team to figure out an efficient and organized way to complete our
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