Fight Club Rhetorical Analysis

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The only thing which could have been more enjoyable for the Chief of Security, than seeing the Heiress in the position she was in now, and the anguish painted across her features almost as much a physical presence as the red stripes and bruises left by the leather belt on her ass, was if Richard Treloar had been there to watch his lover be humiliated and degraded. To see the woman he cherished to be used and abused by another man, and unable to do anything about it. How weak and powerless would that then have made Treloar feel, and in return proved Karl 's superior strength. However, although that possibility had been contemplated, it was but briefly; much too dangerous; and Karl had to console himself that she 'd confide in Treloar, what had been done to her, which would possibly even add further to the shame and embarrassment of the situation she now found herself in, having to relive it with the man she loved, or that Alexandra would hide it from Treloar, and never admit it; keeping the events of that day to herself, and being forced to live with the shameful secret. What a start to their new relationship; secrets and lie, or confessions of humiliation and shame; that would be. Whichever way it…show more content…
A split-second later, after his finger withdrew from the pussy, leather cracked against the naked, bruised skin of the Heiress 's already sore ass; once, twice, three times in quick succession; then struck the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. 'You 're a whore Lexi, a worthless fucking slut. I don 't even know why Treloar wants you." The tip of the belt on the last strike barely missed her pussy, and provided a hint as to where Karl intended to hit next if he
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