Fight Distracted Driving

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How to Fight Distracted Driving by Lianna Thompson Safer roads is a goal that virtually everyone benefits from since we all share the road infrastructure. However this goal of safe roads can be difficult since there are many circumstances that can put drivers in dangerous situations. But perhaps the one that has gotten the most attention as of late is the issue of distracted driving. There have been countless attempts in order to help stop this issue, yet it still remains one of the leading causes of auto accidents. Clearly action is needed in order to create change and one such action that can be taken is that of reasonable legislation to combat these problems along with enforcement of preexisting laws. Ultimately proper usage of existing laws in addition to proposing new laws to help curb current issues …show more content…

That is because such understanding allows for critical thinking of how such improvements could be made. With regards to laws concerning the use of cell phones while driving, various states have different laws with respect to activity that is permitted as there is no federal law concerning cell phone usage while driving. Most restrictive is certain areas such as California or the District of Columbia both of which have total bans regarding handheld use of cell phones. Likewise, these states take primary action against hand held and texting by all drivers as opposed to more relaxed areas that only use secondary enforcement. However it should be of note that such bans only cover "handheld" of cellphones as non-handheld use is permitted (such as the use of hands free technology) (NCSL). On the other hand, some other states are viewed as being lax regarding such regulations on cell phone usage. Often cited cases include that of places such as Arizona which is viewed as being among the most relaxed state in the country concerning usage of cell phones while driving. The only cell phone activities that are prohibited under state law is used by bus

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