Fight For Rights In American History: The Fight For Rights

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The fight for right Slavery, segregation and racism have always been a big problem through American history, and even after more than 300 years, racism is a still major issue and causes a lot of debate. Nonetheless, the improvement that has been made over these past 300 years is very significant and has improved the lifestyle and living conditions for blacks by a large scale. There are a lot of people we can thank for this; not only the well-known Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks, but also regular folk, including students and even a little 7 year old girl. But how far have we really come, and how did we get all the way here? To find out, we need to go back through history, all the way back to the 1700’s where thousands of Africans were brought to America on large ships for then to be sold or auctioned away as slaves, only to be used as field hands where it was needed. The living conditions were horrible and if you were unlucky enough to be born with black or dark skin, you would for sure be forced to work hard all your life at cotton fields, with no rights or freedom of speech. This lasted for around 100 years before Slave trade was prohibited in a lot of states in the North, even though slavery persisted in the south because of their big cotton industry. This kept on going until 1861, when Abraham Lincoln wanted to end slavery; however, the south did not want to end it because of their industry. This resulted in Lincoln starting a civil war, which the
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