Survival In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

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Think about living in an empty world, America that has never been seen before: charcoal colored buildings, ashes spread across the Earth with the dark, cold sky draping above the trees. This is the environment that the man and the boy must experience everyday on their prolonged journey to reach their goal: traveling to the coast where they believe there will be warmer climate and possible settlers. The boy and the man wonder if struggling to stay alive is really going to be worth anything. It is worth the man and the boy to fight for survival because they find many reasons to live. The man thinks survival is important for him and the boy because they believe there is life on Earth that they can find. In the book, The Road, the man discusses…show more content…
Cormac McCarthy 's novel The Road stages the same problem of belief from the inside, but The Road is unique in locating the basis for meaning in the father 's love for his son, and even suggesting that this meaning transcends the father 's efforts to affirm and protect his son 's life.”. (Schaub)
The man finds an unexplainable will to live and is constantly trying to keep himself and his son alive. He truly cares about his son and will do anything for him. The man’s love for his son has made him do things he could never imagine doing. Such as the time when they met with the blood cult member, the man used the last bullet in their gun to kill the cannibal cult member and escape from death.
The man and boy fight for survival because they believe there are other survivors, the man is motivated to protect his son, the man has an unexplainable will to live, and he wants what is best for the boy. The man and the boy work together to get through the difficulties of traveling and find ways to stay alive. It is worth the man and the boy to fight for survival because they find many reasons to
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