Fight The Monsters In Beowulf

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Throughout this epic story, Beowulf fights through many obstacles to better the people of his kingdom. Beowulf, the king of the Danes, fights three different monsters. All of these monsters have different qualities and skills that make them all different to fight. Beowulf doesn 't fight all of these monsters the same, in fact, he fights each one in a unique way to come out triumphant. The environment in which Beowulf is fighting in also has a big impact on how Beowulf fights each of these monsters. Beowulf doesn 't back down to anything and will fight with all of this power and strength. Beowulf uses different methods, techniques, and weapons, and he wins different trophies for each victory. Each victory has an important impact on Beowulf…show more content…
After the defeat of Grendel, Grendel 's mother becomes furious with Beowulf and his followers for hurting her beloved son. Grendel 's mother wants revenge and will do anything to kill Beowulf. Beowulf takes the risk of fighting Grendel 's mother in her swampy, monster-infested home. This shows how Beowulf never gives up and that he is confident that he can kill any monster anywhere. As Beowulf descends to the bottom of the dark lake, Grendel 's mother grabs him and takes him down to her lair. Beowulf tries to attack Grendel 's mother with his sword but it does not hurt her. The sword does not pierce her skin, making Beowulf very mad. Beowulf then tries to defeat her with his bare hands but nothing is working. Grendel 's mother manages to get on top of Beowulf and gets ready to kill him. Beowulf then sees a large sword made by giants on the wall of her cave. Beowulf throws Grendel 's mom off of him and grabs the sword. This sword is not like any sword Beowulf has ever seen. It is very large and was handcrafted by giants. Beowulf takes this sword and slices her right in half, killing Grendel 's mother. Beowulf is overcome with emotions and is ready to show his people he is still alive. As a prize, Beowulf brings back Grendel 's head to hang as a sign of
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