Fighting Bullying With Babies David Bornstein Analysis

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David Bornstein in his article “Fighting Bullying with Babies” told about the issue of bullying and bullying prevention programs. He says that people should stop bullying and raise children who will stop bullying. In this article, David Bornstein said that bullying occurs everywhere and I agree with his words. This is a problem not only in America, it is a worldwide problem. In my native country Uzbekistan, the schools have the same situation: the aggressive are bullying and intimidating the weaker people. In our time, communication develops very quickly and there are different types of bullying and intimidation. For example, it happens on the internet, in groups, schools and even in companies. This problem has become more serious and is developing day by day especially in schools. For children in school, bullying or intimidation of “weak” people, as they consider those who behave calmly, is considered entertainment. Bornstein says that every person has the ability be aggressive and selfish, but research shows that there is also the biological basis of human compassion. The study showed that it is possible to develop this biological potential and…show more content…
Every child wants to become like their parents. If the parents do not show aggression towards their children, then the children do not learn how to show aggression towards somebody else. Of course sometimes, in some families, parents are calm, but children are aggressive. I think, because parents do not pay enough attention to children because they are busy with work or something else, that's why children become aggressive. If parents talk with their children about how much they love them and about their problem, children will continue to love and share it with their environment. If a child feels love and attention toward them by parents, guardians and teachers, they will never manifest aggression or bullying to
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