Fighting Ruben Wolfe A Christmas Carol

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Both “Fighting Ruben Wolfe” and “A Christmas Carol” written by Markus Zusak and Charles Dickens display a great sense of morality and ethics through the main characters of their novels. Morality is the principles of a person and what they stand for and ethics is choosing what is right and wrong to act upon. The main characters in “Fighting Ruben Wolfe” are Cameron and Ruben Wolfe. They present their morals and ethics very particularly in how they express them. Their morals don’t immensely change throughout the novel but they do change. On the other hand, in the novel “A Christmas Carol” the main character Ebenezer Scrooge’s morals and ethics completely transformed from a selfish and cold-hearted grump to a kind and cheerful man who was as jolly …show more content…

Firstly, Cameron Wolfe has transformed maturely, ethically and morally. His decision making has changed because he has decided that what he thought was right and wrong may not be correct. This was the change in his ethics. That applies to his maturity because you need be mature to make the responsible and correct decision. His morals have transformed quite a bit and also what he thinks which is listed in the following: “A fighter can be a winner, but that doesn’t make a winner a fighter” pg136. This quote also applies to Ruben Wolfe. Ruben has changed immensely from beginning an immature teenager who had the deadly sins thick in his blood to a person with great maturity, understanding of the circumstances of his acts such as boxing and finally his morals. His morals are what has changed him the most and has led him to grow in maturity. Now his life revolves around his core morals which are now to love and protect his family, to stick by his brother through thick and thin and finally find his destiny which is displayed in the following quote: “I’m gonna hunt my life down and grab it” pg156. Finally, Ebenezer Scrooge has adjusted himself to a morally happy man the most out of all three characters. He has transformed into the same values as Rube and Cam but he has strengthened those values. Those values are maturity, understanding the ability to change and lastly his moral development. Scrooge has been developing into a better person throughout the whole novel with the assistance of the first two ghosts, but he was not fully civilized until the final ghost appeared. The ghost of Christmas Future was the final piece of the puzzle to fully turn Scrooge into a warm hearted man. But the ghost was ruthless and didn’t make it easy. It didn’t talk but it’s actions were louder than a

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