Fighting The Mob Analysis

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Recently, in Dr. Buttino’s Moviemakers and Scholars Series class we had the privilege of watching a documentary film called, Fighting the Mob: The Story of Carmen Basilio. In perspective, this was very special because the story is held dearest by our own, Dr. Buttino, as he was directly involved in the story and in the making of the film. The ESPN documentary, Fighting the Mob: The Story of Carmen Basilio, was created to inform the American people about the corruption involved in the sport of boxing during the nineteen-fifties. However, I believe it is also meant to inspire the American people, especially Italian-Americans. The message of inspiration expressed through the film is if one works hard, and holds fast to their values, they can accomplish anything. Fighting the Mob: The Story of Carmen Basilio is an ESPN classic documentary based on the true life story of Carmen Basilio. Carmen Basilio was an Italian-American boxer in the late nineteen forties up until his retirement in nineteen sixty-one. The documentary details the career of who some say is the greatest boxer of all-time, and what it was like to be a boxer during this time through interviews, archival footage, photos, and more. The mob in the…show more content…
It is hard to pinpoint things about this film that I did not like. My one critique is that I wish that there was reunion encounters between the fighters that he once fought besides Tony DeMarco. Perhaps even interviews with Johnny Saxton, or Sugar Ray Robinson. Overall, I think this is a terrific film, and very well executed. The fact that Carmen Basilio was involved in the making of the film made it much more significant rather than it being a secondhand story. Anyone who enjoys sports, or even just a captivating story will like this film and I highly recommend it, as it is educational and
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