It's Not Right For You Figurative Language

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7. The Analysis of “It’s Not Right For You”
“It’s Not Right For You” talks about a couple where the woman makes sure about things that her man is doing in his life is all what he loves and he wants to do, because he only lives once so he has to do what is right to get what he is dreaming of. He has to do his best. It is then all about love and life. People only live once. It needs to consider all the things that we are going to take. If the things are not the same as our passion then we should look for another thing to do that is the same as our passion so that we will not regret it later.
It is found that there are six types of figurative language used in the song to convey figurative meaning. Simile is the first type of figurative language. According to Jay (2003), “simile makes explicit comparisons using like or”. There
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Jay (2003) mentions “that meiosis refers to understatement”. It is found one line consisting meiosis which is the 24th line. It is impossible to not grow old because growing old is all humans’ destiny. Then, it is like to understate that they will not grow or even improve themselves.
The next figurative language type used is rhetorical questions. According to Jay (2003), “rhetorical questions are not meant to be answered. They operate more like statements”. It is found 4 rhetorical questions which are the 3rd, 4th, 17th, and 20th lines. The 3rd and 4th lines are to emphasize that it is not the life the man’s has been dreaming of because he spends half the day away from the things he loves and does things he does not love. Then, she wants the man to consider again his activities he is doing.
Another line is the 17th line. The woman wants to say that the man is not happy with the world that he is living in. The last line is the 20th line. Here, the woman knows that the man is happy with her, but he is not happy with the things they have got because he wants more than
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