Figurative Language In Annie Dillard's An American Childhood

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In ¨The Chase¨ from the memoir An American Childhood, Annie Dillard recalls a memorable incident from her childhood, which remained throughout her life, even till the present day. She narrates the adventurous incident where she had voluntarily instigated a strange man -thinking he wouldn’t react- into chasing after her on one particular day. It persisted with Dillard still to this existent, in spite of occurring eons ago, because the pursuit presented her the sheer thrill she later valued and a life-changing experience.

Annie Dillard begins the narrative by presenting herself as a tomboy, as she states how she only prefers to hang out with boys for girls are no match for her hobbies. Annie, who was notably different than most girls
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In addition to her being tough, young Annie Dillard illustrates herself as a creative child with an imaginative mind. She uses figurative language, such as simile, to compare the tire tracks as “crenellated castle walls” (❡ 5), and goes into describing the ideal snowball: “a perfect iceball, from perfectly white snow, perfectly spherical, and squeezed perfectly translucent…” (❡ 6). The purpose of using these rhetorical strategies is to set a setting of the story and give a background of the…show more content…
Despite the saddening, dull consequences to the stimulating chase, it had remained rooted in her heart. Mainly because the pursuit bestowed her such emotions she didn’t know she longed for. The pursuer might have just wished to have a word with them, but yet he chased them to the point till they were all exhausted. Hence, it can be implied that the man didn’t just want to say a few word, but maybe he wanted to experience his childhood again, hoping to get out of his usual work routine to feel young. And Dillard and her friends might have just triggered that response out of the man, which is probably why the memory stayed engraved with her, because through this, she learned that once one starts something, they have to finish no matter what in spite of the outcome. In her case, the outcome of the chase wasn't what she expected, but it was the chase itself that had been exhilarating and worth
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