Figurative Language In Annie Proulx's The Shipping News

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In the excerpt from the first chapter of Annie Proulx's "The Shipping news" she used diction, details, and figurative language in her writing to explain the protagonist and why he is

a complex character. In "The Shipping News" Annie Proulx uses diction, detail, and figurative language to reveal the complexity that is in the character Quoyle.

Annie Proulx uses diction, (a characters way of saying/speaking words) some examples of diction in the story included, " monstrous, freakish, survived, grief, bereft, and failure."

All of these words show diction because of the way he uses them. Quoyle uses the words to describe himself, a lot of people do no describe themselves with these words. The word

bereft is most definitely a form of diction due to the fact most normal people do not use words like this. Diction
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All of this figurative language helps with painting a picture in the readers head and the more the

reader knows about your story, they will most likely they will like it more. It also shows how complex Quoyle is, there is so much information on him but yet as the reader we only know

what he looks like, and what he does as a job.

Annie Proulx's "The Shipping News" overall is a story about a man, (Quoyle) who is rejected by his family and is a failure in his own eyes, and his families. Diction is a help in this

story because it helps the reader see that Quoyle is not really educated and comes from a small place. Details help paint a picture of what Quoyle really looks like or acts like, saying he

can't swim, he has red hair and three jobs. Details help the reader understand the piece better. Figurative language helps with the viewing of Quoyle, without figurative language then

the reader would not know how Quoyle has a monstrous like chin, or how he has a very bad eating disorder which is compared to a butter knuckle. This story shows that people are

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