Figurative Language In Beowulf

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The story of Beowulf includes figurative language, which is one reason why it is considered an epic. In the story, several things are exaggerated, and one example of this is on page 2, Scyld Scefing, a relative of Hrothgar the king“ sword was so long and heavy that no one else could lift it.” This statement was written to emphasize to the reader that Scyld Scefing is stronger and more powerful than the average human, and the show of power in the quote demonstrates that he is a formidable enemy. Also, many things in the book are compared, and an example of this can be found on page 2, “..his [Scyld Scefing’s] eyes blazed like bonfires when he was angry...” This comparison is made to indicate the amount of ferocity and confidence in Scyld Scefing’s
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