Figurative Language In Countee Cullen's Poems

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Many different poems have many different forms of figurative language and many different meanings behind just the surface words. These authors portray feelings and emotions that are deeper than just words on a page. They are left to the interpretation of the reader's own mind. The author of Bowery Blues made it clear that “the story of a man makes [him] sick” (Kerouac line 1-2) and that any story could be left open and could be used for anyone’s story. First of all, the two poems Any Human to Another written by Countee Cullen (which was associated with the Harlem Renaissance) and Bowery Blues written by Jack Kerouac (which is associated with postmodernism) both have very deep and meaningful subject matter. Countee Cullen uses many metaphors in her poem to convey the emotions that she’s wants her readers to feel. She, in the beginning, believed that “your grief and [hers] must intertwine like the sea and river”…show more content…
Simic set up an image for his like the setting of a picnic where he can see “green buddhas on the fruit salad” (Simic line 1-2). He uses this image to make us think about what we could see if we were in this situation. It's important because it gives us the first image that we need to start imagining what's going on in this poem. This is the same thing that McKay uses in their poem because of the use of the simple imagery and the simple images that are being portrayed. “If we must die, let it not be like hogs” (McKay line 1). McKay wanted to share the experience and the feelings and images that were going on when it came to the end. He wanted to make people feel and understand that in the end he wants people to go out fighting and not pitifully like the hogs that are butchered in the end. This was important because it set the mood for the readers and how they should feel going into the rest of the
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