Figurative Language In Enri's Journey

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Enrique’s Journey is a real life story based on a son and his mother having to be seperated from one another due to the migration of the mother to the United State. Enrique’s mother Lourdes left Enrique in their hometown of Honduras at the age of 5, Enrique was devastated he could not handle the pain of being without his mother. After being separated from each other for 11 years Enrique was confident and gained all the strength inorder for him to reunite with his mother whether he has to make the dangerous odyssey of crossing through the border. Family abandonment leads to unimaginable repercussions. Lourdes reason behind leaving her family was to provide a better future for her children. Lourdes did not want her children to go on with life…show more content…
It shatters three teeth they rattle like broken glass in his mouth” a simile that stood out to me the most because Nazario refers to Enriques teeth shattering like broken glass, teeth are not like glass, therefore this is a simile because it refers to two unlike objects. This metaphor regarding the heat “It was April 2000 in southern Mexico and the outdoor temperature was climbing past 100 degrees. Inside the car was turning into an oven” it was a hot day where the temperature kept rising while Enrique was found inside a car, the heat was bound to be worse because he was trapped between a closed surface, but of course no matter how hot the temperature can go a car can not turn into an oven. Another example would be “with Lourdes, he is a chatterbox” Enrique was a very timid little boy before his mother left him he talked for hours when he was around his mom, but never around anyone else therefore Nazario compares Enrique to a chatterbox when he is with his mother which turns to being a metaphor. “Enrique has wanted to find his mother all this time, but when he first does, all they do is fight against each other” this is an example of situational irony. Enrique always dreamt of being with his mother and he planned of never leaving her side again, but once he found his way to the United States his mother and him were always caught in a serious
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