Figurative Language In In The Time Of Butterflies

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A significant piece of figurative language that the author included in the novel,” In The Time of Butterflies “ is, “I can see my hand in an endless slow-motion rise a mind all its own and come down on the astonished, made up the face(Alvarez 100).” This example of personification tells us about in the book when Minerva slapped Trujillo. Although hands don't usually have a mind of their own, this connects to the type of character that Minerva is. This shows how brave and very mischievous she is. Minerva doesn't really care about high power Trujillo is she feels that everyone is equal in her eyes and no one should be looked at different. Another figurative piece that the author included in the novel is “ Trujillo is a devil, “ Sinita said as
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