Figurative Language In Introduction To Poetry By Billy Collins

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Figurative language is the glue to all poetry writing. It is what holds poetry together and without it, poetry would be plain and boring. Figurative language adds depth and creates a whole new dimension full of possibilities that readers can enjoy. It is the most powerful tool that an author can use because it can be used in a way no other piece of literature can. It makes poems unique and the utilization of figurative language amplifies the meaning of the main message of the author. It can turn ordinary phrases into a new, deepened and more meaningful message. It makes the author 's writing better and gives the reader and new look on the main message. It enhances the poem and evokes the reader which overall, makes the poem enjoyable. It allows the author to convey the desired message through metaphorical and symbolic imagery rather than just words and language. In my opinion, Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins used figurative language most effectively because he successfully enhanced a poem that resulted in an entertaining and…show more content…
Many things come with 2 sides; good and bad. In the poem, it talks of the bad side where readers of poems want to “torture a confession” out of a poem rather than just enjoying a poem for what it is. The author wants readers to analyze poems positively rather than negatively like they are accustomed to do. This relates to my life in that everyone focuses on the bad things I do rather than looking at the good things I do in life. This poem also reminds me of how the education system works. A student is rarely rewarded when getting a high mark but will always serve consequences whether it is guidance meeting or call home to parents when they get a low mark. This connects with the poem because all people want to do is point out the bad things and bash on them rather than support the good
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