Figurative Language In Macbeth's Language

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The language in 2.1.44-74 conveys Macbeth’s eagerness of taking over King Duncan by killing him, because many words connoted the coming of the dagger. For example, line 45 can be interpreted into-- the handle of the dagger is pointing at me. Come here, let me grab it, let me grab it to kill Duncan. This sentence showed that Macbeth was too impatient to wait to get his weapon. In addition to that, words like ‘toward’, ‘come’, and ‘clutch’ emphasized Macbeth’s zeal. In line 50, ‘heat-oppressed’ also indicated that Macbeth was very excited. Line 73,74 meant that the breath while Macbeth’s talking will cool down the heat of his action. These two lines implied that Macbeth will act soon, and his avid heart was inciting him to do so. What’s more,
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