Figurative Language In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Night contains a significant amount of figurative language. Select 3 examples from the text to analyze. In analyzing each example, be sure to explain how the specific example impacts the text. (How does it affect the reader? How does it affect the reading experience? Why did Wiesel make that specific choice?) Please use a different type of figurative language for each example. Night contains what seems like a multitude of examples of figurative language, but for this question I had to narrow it down to three. I ended up choosing one example of a Simile, Metaphor, and Hyperbole. These examples don’t, however, range throughout the book very far. Two of them are on opposite pages and the remaining example is only a little farther away. Despite being in the same portion of the book these examples vary in meaning and had a large influence on my reading experience.…show more content…
“And he began beating him with an iron bar. At first, my father simply doubled over under the blows, but then he seemed to break in two like an old tree struck by lightning” (54). As a reader it provided more detail that I could have sympathy for. Without the simile I would have never been able to know that his health was already deteriorating quite severely, and that this beating broke him one more time. I would have also missed how he had changed throughout the beating. The sentence wouldn’t have had the same sense of drama. With the figurative language we can visualize how he collapsed at a certain point. Elie Wiesel definitely chose this type of figurative language to add more detail to the situation as well as to create a bigger
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