Figurative Language In Scarlet Ibis

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In the “Scarlet Ibis”, Brother is characterized as loving, ambitious, and cruel, through diction, plot, imagery, figurative language, and point of view. He is characterized as loving, because, at the end of the story, he becomes very upset at Doodle’s death. Also, he tries to train Doodle to walk, even though he’s at a disadvantage physically. Lastly, through the course of the story he plays with Doodle in Old Woman’s Swamp, and if he didn’t love him he’d abandon Doodle in the swamp to die. This evidence shows that Brother loves and cares about Doodle. He is characterized as ambitious because, he tries to train Doodle to walk. After that, he tries to train Doodle to run, swim, climb trees, and fight, even though Doodle’s at a disadvantage
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