Figurative Language In The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain
“Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do” an amazing quote! Truly unique and fits perfectly with the thinking of many boys and girls, and why not mention adults as well. In 1836 it first appearance of the 316 pages, American classical fiction story “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, which was written by Samuel Langhorne Clemens, know worldwide by as Mark Twain. The story explores the American soul with fun, toughness and sharp eye for the truth while living along the mighty Mississippi River, his writing expands the general idea through figurative languages, imagery, diction, and tone to show the atmosphere, or the surrounding of a
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The main characters are Tom Sawyer hero of the novel, badly behaved orphan with a heart of gold, who leads the boys of the town into many adventures, never means to cause any harm and at the end demonstrates to make mature decision-making and commitment to being responsible. Aunt Polly Tom's strict but loving caretaker looks after him as a mother, treating him her harsh punishments, but Tom repeatedly outwits her, yet she has the compassion to forgive him repeatedly, desiring that he love her like a mother. Huckleberry Finn, the son of the town drunkard, is virtually orphaned, looked down upon by the adults of St. Petersburg, but admired by the local boys for living as he wants and not having to bathe, sleeping outdoors, smoking, never attending school. Bonds with Tom through their mutual superstitions, also matures morally over the course of the…show more content…
Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy.” The adventures of Tom Sawyers brings back memories of all those wonderful events that take place during our childhood, such as going to school, our first love, our family and town, as well as traditions, social and religious teachings. We all have a Tom Sawyer to relate to, we all should have written our story, and we all have so much to share with others. A very interesting situation of the story is that it never mentions the author´s point of view in regarding slavery and racial discriminations, but it does teach that we are all alike in this planet. This story is highly recommended, as it will bring humor and lessons about daily situations of growing

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