Figurative Language In The Ghost Map

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“What world does a dead individual belong to?”, quoted in paragraph four of "The Ghost Map." "The Night-Soil Men" is an excerpt from the novel, "The Ghost Map," writing by Steven B. Johnson. The time is set around the 1850’s of London, Europe. In London, this considered to be one the most unhygienic cities in the world. The excerpt from "The Night-Soil Men" has many examples of literary elements, figurative language, and rhyme scheme. Literary elements include the setting, theme, and point of view. The setting takes place in London, in the month August of 1854. In paragraph one of the excerpt, the word scavengers are used to describe what the city is full of. The word should be easy to tell that these were poor times. One of the themes…show more content…
The trash found in the streets of the city symbolized as pay for the people. Of paragraph three, a person brings a bag home and separated things he would usually find on the streets; rags, bones, and old metal. Although it does not seem much of a big deal in today’s society, during 1854, many people were having it hard. The author used imagery describing many items. Again, in paragraph three, the individual is said to travel from twenty to thirty miles with a heavy bag on his back during the summer. This describes the person to be hard working and strong. Hyperbole is used in some parts of the excerpt involving homeless. In paragraph four, it said the homeless continue to haunt today’s cities. It would seem the homeless aren’t a major problem of today’s cities compared with the crime. Figurative language can determine the types of languages being used, this relates to how a story is written with a rhyme scheme. In the excerpt of "The Night-Soil Men," rhyme scheme introduced little with rhyme and meter. During paragraph one, are examples of different types of scavengers; bone-pickers, rag-gatherers, pure-finders, etc. This suggests that many of the poor titles these people had were much the same in rhyming. In the previous example of paragraph one, the titles given to people had about the same meter sound as three syllables. This can infer the excerpt was focused mainly on social problems of telling a story, rather than writing a rhyming poem. Overall, not too many examples were found regarding rhyme and
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