Figurative Language In The Pigman

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“Figurative language can give a shape to the difficult and the painful. It can make visible and ‘felt’ that which is invisible and ‘unfeelable.’” -Mary Oliver. Mary Oliver says that figurative language can say something difficult or painful, and it is also something that is felt. In the stories “Here’s Herbie” by Mike Feder and The Pigman by Paul Zindel, the author uses figurative language to develop the reader’s point of view of how the character looks and how the characters are like. The Pigman has a lot of figurative language. “He has these gigantic eyes that look right through you.” In this quote the character Loraine thinks that John’s eyes can look right through you. “Norton has eyes like a mean mouse.” This quote in the Pigman is referring Nortons eyes to a mean mouse, so the character Loraine thinks Norton’s eyes looks like a mean mouse, meaning that he is probably really mean. “. . . and her nylons do make this scraaaaaaatchy sound. . .” This quote explains how Miss Reillens Nylons sound. Her nylons…show more content…
“Herbie riding for his life, driving what might as well have been the USS Enterprise on its five year mission through space.” He is explaining that Herbie is overreacting and he is riding the train like he is on the USS enterprise(a ship in star trek) in a five year mission. “She was sitting in her room moaning or calling her mother to complain that she wished she never had children. Sort of a cheery way to start my day.” This quote has sarcasm and his mom is wishing she never had kids making his day even more sad. “you can see all kinds of red and green traffic and signal lights. They look like beautiful stars or jewels off in the distance.” This quote is a simile and the kid thinks the green traffic and signal lights look like beautiful jewels and stars in the distance. “Here's Herbie’s” figurative language helped me to understand the character’s
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