Figurative Language In The Road Fire

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Question 1) Figurative language Foreshadowing: “Look! Look at this fire! This terrible fire! Have mercy on me! Pg.25” I think that that the author would have put it in the story to very vividly show wast was combing for them in there stop A ahead at the camps and this is something that is good for the story because it's such a big part of the story that they had to show in some way that something big was going to happen. Another reason he might have used foreshadowing that spot is to show the emotion of what is going on at that time in the story and that its is low key trying to hint of climactic point in the book. Simile: “she looked like a withering tree in a field of wheat”. Pg.25 when when wrote this simile in the book I could really feel why he was writing it. It really spoke to how there was dramatic dieing type way to how she was. Yelling and acting on the cart. I think he was writing this to show the reader that she was really freaking out way more substantially than all of the other people on…show more content…
I chose fire because when I would here about it it would paint the most vivid picture in my head out of the 3 options. When the old Jewish lady would scream about fire on the trailer I could just picture how big and scarey this fire would be and knowing about how they killed all the Jews by burning them alive it just made me sad that there was such brutal things happening to these people just because of what they believed in. I thought if this part of the book because it stood out the most to me when we were reading and the way that the lady was acting in car really made people wonder about what's ahead. The way that this information supports my opinion is that just here how she was yelling about a fire made me think about how I have seen big fires and what happens to things when you put things in them and just having heard about all the story about burns on humans that it just made me think the
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