Figurative Language In The Stranger

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The author of The Stranger, Albert Camus, used unprecedented craft in order to develop the characters as well as the plot. In The Stranger, there were several portions of the author’s craft such as symbolism, motifs, figurative language, juxtapositions, diction and Meursault’s characterization in which developed throughout the work, more in the last passage, that contributed to the reader’s interpretation of the work. Although these explicit fragments of the author’s craft were utilized throughout the work, within the last passage, they were essentially employed for the reader to be competent to further assimilate the significance these literary devices throughout the work. Throughout the novel, The Stranger, Meursault’s characterization was developed through the appliance of motifs and figurative language. “Death” (Page 75) was the main motif throughout the novel; however, it is in the last passage that the reader…show more content…
He also utilized symbols in order for the reader to find significance in divergent objects that would have otherwise been ignored. He then provided various things for the reader to have in order to parallel and further understand Meursault’s characterization as well as the vital transitions. Camus used figurative language, motifs, and Meursault’s development throughout the last passage in order for the reader to fully comprehend the work as a whole. Camus properly produced various aspects in his craft in order to contribute to the meaning of Meursault’s characterization in relation to the work as well as towards the previous novels, plays, and dramas that the reader has read and will read. Camus’s craft is indeed unique which made Meursault a unique character due to how he was introduced in the work as well as how he was
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