Figure Skating Essay

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The Impacts of Figure Skating and the Human Body System All the body systems are used while figure skating. First is the circulatory system. Figure skaters use their arms and legs to dance on the ice and do tricks. The circulatory system flows blood, that is filled with oxygen and nutrients, all over her body. It also has white blood cells that can fight disease for the skater. The second system that is vital to figure skating is the respiratory system. This system allows the skater to breath in oxygen into the lungs. The lungs then transfer it to the circulatory system. It also gets rid of carbon dioxide. The third body system used while figure skating is the musculoskeletal system. This system is one of the most important to a figure skater.…show more content…
This puts immense pressure on her body and body systems. But, without Aljona's body systems she wouldn’t be able to train at all. Aljon's circulatory system and respiratory system are one of the most important pairs in figure skating. The respiratory system contacts and inhales oxygen from the air. The oxygen is then goes through the bronchi and bronchioles. Then finally through the alveoli then entered through the bloodstream from the capillaries. When the oxygen is entered into the bloodstream it is then carried through the veins and arteries to legs and arms of the skater. The next major connection between two system is the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. These two systems are essential to a figure skater. When the skater does tricks their brain sends electrical signals to the nerves of what the trick is and what movements the skater should make. The nervous then tells the muscles how to move. When the muscles move the bones moves with it. The last essential body system pair that works together is the digestive system and the circulatory system. When a figure skater eats food it goes through their digestive system. When the food gets to the large intestine the nutrients is absorbed into the bloodstream. When it gets to the small intestine water is absorbed into the bloodstream. The nutrients and water is then made into energy for the figure skater when
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