Fiji Police Training Essay

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Fiji Police Academy
Fiji Police Academy (FPA) is one of the oldest organizations in Fiji established in early 1950’s by the British Colonial rulers under different names such as Police Depot, Fiji Police Training School then finally to Fiji Police Academy.
The Fiji Police Academy is more of a cross between technical institute and a school as the curriculum involves both theoretical teaching with written examination’s to test knowledge and learning and also the students a taught various technical skills and are assessed on practical assessment of On The Job Training (OJT) by qualified assessors in respective technical fields.
Since Policing involves a varieties of skills and knowledge that an officers needs to possess, there are practical trainings such as foot drill, physical training, self-defense, swimming, arrest methods, handcuffing techniques, patrol proficiencies, vehicle interception and
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Figure 7 – Classroom Training Figure 8 – Field Training
Objectives of Fiji Police Training
Any training without objectives would be a waste of resources and time for any organization. The FPA training has objectives that assists the trainers in developing course curriculums and provide training to all the officers in the organization. The objectives are guided by the Functions of the Force which is stipulated under Section 5 of the Police Act, Cap 85 which states that the force shall be employed in and through Fiji for:
• The maintenance of law and order;
• The preservation of peace;
• The protection of life and property;
• The prevention and detection of
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