Filipino Culture And Culture

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1. Description The person whom I spoke to in class was Vanessa. She is from Philippine and has been in Australia for few years. She had decided to come to Australia because continue her higher education. She lives with her uncle. She is a Christian and a very hospitable girl I have ever seen. She used to go church every Sunday. She has Filipino cultural background and upbringing. They like to celebrate Christmas day and New Year’s Eve as a part of their cultural activity. In addition, they enjoy anniversaries and birthdays with the intention to providing an opportunity to gather family members together. Apart from that, they are maintaining their family relationships by going and visiting each other regularly. 2. Feelings I had never met or spoken to a person who comes from Philippine before I met her. I had no idea about her culture and social background except what I had seen on websites and movies. I was very surprised to hear her talk about how she grew up. Until I spoke with Vanessa, my views about people from Philippines were that they are very shy and unfriendly. In terms of feeling the Filipinos are friendly. They smile at persons in general, even with strangers when they are way in. They are warm and simple. She explained more factors regarding to their cultural beliefs as I really surprised by what she told me. However, some learning the basics about culture and at least something about the language of communication in different countries is very important.

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