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Scope and Delimitation of Study The study is about the preference of Lasallian Language Center students towards Filipino specialty foods. The researchers have chosen 80 Korean students due to the fact that Koreans are the top nationality that frequently visits Philippines and the researchers usedthe “Department of Tourism Travel and Tourism Statistics”, (2015) as the primary source. In order to have accurate results, the researchers have organized the order of food that they will serve, so that the dishes will not affect the tastes of the Korean Students thus also affect the results. Per Korean, they will be given different order of the 6 main dish and 3 desserts. Participants will be given a set of questionnaires that will determine their…show more content…
This is what makes the combination of the Filipino foods are exotic even the Filipinos themselves (Santiago, 2007). And it is a special food that is known by many Filipino people.
Food- a things that people mingles his life, is a touchstone to his impression, and is a
Measure of his relation with nature, with his fellowmen/ reality(Fernandez, 2006).
Food Tourism- The tourist’s food related activities at a destination, such as dining,
Purchasing local food products or food relevant products, and experiencing the characteristics of a unique food-producing region.
Jang Jo rim- Is so much popular dish in Korean, this can served as sidedish with rice. It is
Typically typically made with flank steak and marinated in soy sauce. It is similar to Filipino food adobo.
Kare-kare- Another traditional Filipino dish made form peanuts, meats and vegetables it is one of the best dish in the Philippines (Alejandro, 2008).
Koreans- Are the top nationality that always visits Philippines. They travel here
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And it is a five point scale which is applies to use the respondents to express how satisfied they are.
Local food- are a development which intend to associate food makers and food purchasers in the same geographic district; keeping in mind the end goal to grow more confident and strong food systems, enhance nearby economies, or for well being, natural, group, or social effect in a specific spot
Maslow Hierarchy needs- The chain of needs is one of the best-known theory of motivation. Made by Abraham Maslow, the hierarchy order is regularly shown as a pyramid, with the most essential needs at the base and more complex needs at the top.
One way repeated measure ANOVA-To measures and compares the means of two or more categories of questions using the same group of respondents. ANOVA was used in finding the significant difference from the main dish and dessert when the profile of the respondents is considered.
Preference- By choosing or liking their desired foods.
Puto- A Filipino famous steamed rice cake made with rice flour, coconut, milk, cheese and fresh milk. It is eaten as is or with butter and/or grated fresh coconut. It is usually eaten with dinuguan or blood stew, but can also be eaten

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